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Studio HENK for Ximedes

When Ximedes asked us to help them with the interior design of their office, we instantly said yes. The graphic lines of our furniture perfectly fit in the industrial building where the software company is based. For the interior we selected different pieces of furniture that allow for both long lunches, meetings with colleagues or a moment of relaxation in between work.

In an open space, we’ve created different areas for work, meetings, team lunches and relaxation. The first thing you’ll notice as you walk in, is likely the high Legno table of 3,5 meters. We’ve opted for a long table, allowing for the whole team to gather. We’ve added Ode Barstools in light colours. The slightly laid-back seat of the chair provides the perfect amount of comfort after a morning behind a desk.

We’ve opted for a few smaller high tables as well - perfect for meetings with colleagues. HPL tabletops in a rich dark blue are combined with tabletops in oak wood, adding warmth to the space. In the middle, we’ve created a comfortable seating area for a moment of relaxation in between work. The roomy Giuseppe 2,5 seater in dark blue is combined with two Co Lounge Chairs in lighter hues. The Modular Cabinet separates the seating area from the work spots.

Curious to know what we can do for your office or project? We offer a wide range of design furniture - from tables, chairs and sofas to modular cabinets - that can be customized to your needs. This way we’ll be able to create the perfect furniture pieces for your office or project. Feel free to contact us for more information or take a look at our other projects here.