Bar stools

A stool is the perfect piece to add to your kitchen, if you're looking for cosiness and comfort. The height of the stool invites your guests to sit at the bar or cooking island while you're cooking. All you need to do is poor them a glass of wine; the laidback seat will provide for hours of comfort. With its minimal design, the stool will work perfectly in any kitchen. Simply choose the colour of the fabric and design your own stool. 

Design (bar)krukken van Studio HENK

The oak stool chair is also part of the Butterfly collection. The stool chair is thus a unique eye catcher, and a valuable addition to your interior. This stool can perfectly serve as extra seating to your Studio HENK dining table, in the seating area, or for example in the children's corner. Though this stool really complements a Studio HENK dining table, it also goes really well with other designs.

Design (bar) stools Studio HENK

Studio HENK’s design (bar)stools are true design icons! The wooden (bar)stools take your interior to the next level. The stool chairs have a solid oak seat, combined with a strong steel frame. Studio HENK has both high wooden barstools, and low stool chairs.

Wooden high barstool: the Butterfly

The high barstool, the Butterfly, is part of the Studio HENK’s pride: the Butterfly collection. This collection is characterized by the striking design based on the wings of a butterfly. The sophisticated legs are connected at the exact right place. The design of this high bar stool is unique, extremely solid, ready for today and far into the future!