Dining Chairs

A dining chair that is comfortable for hours on end; that is what we had in mind when we designed our collection of design chairs. The dining chairs are characterized by clean lines and a comfortable seat. Whether you’re looking for a chair with a straight back or for a chair that is slightly more laid-back, we’ve got you covered. Discover the collection below.

Designer chairs and Studio HENK

In order to make your Studio HENK table really stand out, you can’t do without designer chairs. You could make a phenomenal statement choosing a Studio HENK table as well as chairs. But you could either choose other designer chairs for a marvellous combination with your Studio HENK table. Come have a look at our beautiful designs in our showroom!

Studio HENK’s own design chairs

Studio HENK is really proud of it’s own furniture designs. Quickly after launching the design tables it became clear that they not only formed a perfect match with chairs of other designer brands. Studio HENK’s Co Chairs are a tribute to Studio HENK’s table designs: puristic, minimalistic and timeless. The eyecatchers are available with a black or a white frame, with or without an armrest. Complete the luxurious look with - amongst others - Kvadrat fabrics. The simple lines, and combination of materials, make for a unique design and appearance.

Designer chairs of other designer brands

It could either be wooden chairs, or just design chairs made of plastic combined with wood and steel: design chairs really complete your interior. Hay, for example, has wooden chairs and plastic chairs, which can be combined beautifully. But the combination of plastic, steel and wood of Eames’ designicon perfectly matches your Studio HENK table. Or opt for the other wooden designer chairs. Are you looking for design chairs or wooden chairs?