The design process of the Oblique Cabinet

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The design process of the Oblique Cabinet

Our new Oblique Cabinet is fascinating from a design perspective because of its use of only one shape, the flat oval. This curved shape is present in every section of the piece including the shelves, the frame and even in the details of the connections between each of these elements. Simone Smelt is a product designer here at HENK and is the creative brain behind the beautiful design of this cabinet. We sat down with her to understand more about the design process and how our in-house design team works to transform their inspiration into reality on a daily basis.

Simone is always surrounded by her mood boards, and with a pen and paper at hand, to inspire her designs. She explains. “I start with a lot of sketches and ideas, so my notebook is always covered in drawings. I am very focused on shapes and thinking about which ones I love and what could be possible.”

Simone started this design over a year ago as a way to introduce softer shapes into the Studio HENK collection. “The curved edges give this cabinet a minimal and serene feeling which means that it can be used for a lot of different purposes in your home.” explains Simone. 

Another big part of the design process is to fix technical issues and work out how to manufacture a piece that is steady and durable. Simone explains, ‘After I form an idea, I immediately start to draw it in 3D; I then print it using my 3D printer. This is the stage where you can see if any technical issues start to arise.”

One of the biggest challenges the team faced during the Oblique Cabinet process was in creating a modular design that also has the option to add closed elements. “The closed elements were a challenge because it meant we had to adapt the sizes of the shelves. We were happy we managed to resolve this as we believe it is important to have closed spaces for when you want to store things without worrying about making it styled and pretty.” says Simone. 

This final design of the Oblique Cabinet is both versatile and aesthetic. “I think this piece makes an interior look minimal and serene. My favourite customisation is the low and wide version. If I was to have this in my own home, I would probably choose a piece with two shelves to make the perfect size for a T.V cabinet. I would then use the bottom shelf to display lots of pretty accessories.” Simone tells us.

You can start customising your own Oblique cabinet now using our online configurator. We also share helpful tips here on how to style a Studio HENK cabinet around your home as a practical way to add personality to your interior.