The innovative craftsmanship behind the Dresser

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The innovative craftsmanship behind the Dresser

Quality craftsmanship is a fundamental pillar of our product design process at Studio HENK. Each piece of furniture that we design is the result of a slow and thoughtful process to create something both beautiful and unique. 


The Dresser is a perfect example of this with its innovative design becoming even more beautiful once you understand the intricacy behind it. The design idea behind the Dresser was a first for our in-house design team, so they connected with craftsmen in Austria who were eager to take on a challenge and help bring this idea to life. 


What makes the design of the Dresser so special is its drawers. The drawers feature a cut-out shape with overhanging edges. This shape enables adjacent drawers to sit together perfectly without displaying the centre frame. They also feature finger joints at each corner that create a strong connection and form part of the overall aesthetic.


Another special detail about the innovative design of the Dresser is found in its handles. The smooth gutter handle is created during the last stage of production and gets hand carved once the drawer is already built.


To uphold the character of craftsmanship, each piece is created with its own individuality and care. All our Dressers are made-to-order so that they can be customised with different oak wood finishes and in a variety of different sizes. 


Discover the Dresser online and start customising your own unique piece here.