The best materials for 'child/pet-friendly’ furniture

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The best materials for 'child/pet-friendly’ furniture

Studio HENK furniture is made to last for generations, which is why we work with high-quality and durable materials. In a household filled with playful children and cheeky pets, some of these materials may need to withstand the test of spills, fur and mess - and some designs are better at this than others. Read on to discover the best materials, finishes and products from the Studio HENK collection that complement these everyday moments.



The most durable dining tables


Your dining table is a place for enjoying precious moments with loved ones over shared meals and activities. It is important that you can enjoy these moments around your furniture without having to worry about wear and tear, or spills and stains. 


For a “spill-resistant” table, we recommend choosing a natural oak dining table as natural oak is protected with hardwax oil. This combination of oil and wax fills the pores in the wood and ensures that the table is protected against stains and spots. 


For the best chance of withstanding scratches, we recommend choosing either an oak table with a natural oak finish or choosing an HPL Fenix tabletop.


The HPL Fenix table is well protected thanks to its unique non-porous external layer. This means that surface scratches can be removed with a ‘magic sponge’. 



Upholstery for avoiding stains and fur 


Choose upholstery for your chairs or sofa that will give them the best chance at surviving spills and excess pet hair. There is no perfect fabric, but the right materials and colours can make a huge difference.


In general, it is best to avoid light colours, and instead choose a mixed thread fabric such as the Cube. This is a sturdy fabric with a coarse structure and mixed-in colour so stains will be less noticeable. 


Wool based upholsteries are a great option as they have a naturally water-repellent outer layer that is less likely to absorb stains (if the stain is quickly removed). Synthetic fabrics on the other hand don’t have this natural property, but they can be protected by using a protection spray.


If you have a pet that loves to snuggle with you on the sofa, then select a fabric with a smooth structure such as Toledo leather. Leather is a fantastic choice as it is easy to maintain and hair does not stick as easily to upholstery with a smooth structure.


Avoid furniture with sharp edges


Another important thing to consider when ensuring that your furniture is child friendly is its shape, as you will most likely want to avoid sharp edges. Luckily we have a lot of soft and rounded shapes in our collection which are perfect for this.


Choose one of our rounded dining tables such as the Flat Oval table or the Blob Table. These can be matched with wooden or steel frames, depending on your desired aesthetic. 


For cabinets, we recommend the Oblique Cabinet which is designed out of flat oval shapes. Similarly, you will find these oblique shapes in the Ode Dining Chair and Ode Lounge Chair which have rounded wooden arm rests. 



All of our furniture is customisable so that you can personalise a piece that suits your needs and taste. If you would like more guidance on which design would be best for your home, book a free Interior Advice session to speak with one of our Interior Advisors in either Amsterdam or Antwerp.