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Studio HENK for Lucas Bols

For the interior design of the renovated office of Lucas Bols, we’ve teamed up with architecture office Rowin Petersma. For their new office design, they wanted to distance themselves from a more corporate atmosphere and instead create an open space with different casual seating areas and an abundance of daylight.

Inside Bols’ headquarters, you’ll find The Academy, a place where bartender workshops are held. Adjacent to the bar is a large, open space that is turned into a meeting space for both bartenders from The Academy and the Bols’ team.

A 3,5 meter long oak dining table is an open invitation to enjoy lunch with the team. On one side, we’ve placed two Legno benches, offering enough room for everyone. On the other side, we’ve placed Ode Chairs in two shades of grey.

We’ve placed a few New Co Tripods and Quadpods in the open space too. The round tables are perfect for lunches with small(er) teams - you can easily sit there with four or five people. The tables have an oak tabletop, which brings a sense of warmth to the bright, white space. We’ve also placed some small, high tables in the room. Ideal for meetings with colleagues or as an alternative workplace. The white tables form a beautiful contrast with the Ode Stools in deep dark blue. For the frames of the tables and chairs, we’ve selected a special RAL colour in dark grey.

In the back of the room, behind a glass wall, there’s a meeting room too. For the meeting room, we’ve selected a few Ode Chairs in the same grey shades as the chairs in the lunch area, creating a visual connection between the spaces.

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