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Are you in need of a repair?

All our furniture is made to order and handled with care. Still it can sporadically happen that an item is damaged in transit or during use. The first solution is always to offer a repair, but on some occasions it is decided to replace the item instead. Replaced items are taken back to our skilled craftsmen who can fully repair the pieces. These repaired items are stored in our warehouse until they find their new home through the reSTORE event. 

Are you in need of a repair? Please contact our service team who will provide you with more information

At Studio HENK we realise that resources and materials are valuable and should be treated as such. By offering a full service program we can maximise the lifetime of our furniture. Because we believe that furniture should never end up as waste.


Sustainability Manager



At Studio HENK, we believe in making furniture that matches your unique vision and fits your needs and family situation perfectly. That's why we offer customizable options, allowing you to design furniture that truly represents your style. By creating each piece to order, we avoid unnecessary stock and minimize waste, making a positive impact on the environment. Please keep in mind that since our furniture is tailored to your preferences, we generally do not accept returns or offer refunds. However, in rare cases, we may consider exceptions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're dedicated to ensuring that every piece of furniture we make brings happiness and functionality to your home.

A second home


To ensure that repaired and returned items find new homes, Studio HENK organizes an annual ReStore event. Typically, the majority of products are sold during this event. However, any remaining items are either stored in our warehouse for future ReStore events or returned to the original manufacturer. The manufacturer can efficiently recover the materials, predominantly wood, for reuse. As a last resort, the waste materials are processed into energy.

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A new look for your furniture

At Studio HENK, our dedicated advisors are ready to assist you in personalizing your furniture, especially when it comes to upholstered pieces. We understand the importance of making choices that withstand the test of time. At the same time, we recognize that tastes and preferences can change over time. That's why we offer a reupholstery service for selected Studio HENK items, allowing you to give your furniture a fresh look when you're ready for something new. This way, your cherished furniture piece remains a beloved part of your home.

Have you already chosen a new fabric? Contact our service team directly to discuss the options. If you're still unsure, our experienced team is ready to explore the different possibilities together with you.


At Studio HENK, we understand that your needs can change, whether it's due to moving to a smaller home, expanding your family, or seeking a new interior style. In our commitment to a more sustainable future, we offer a unique "exchange service" that allows you to customize your furniture without replacing the entire piece. With this service, you can, for example, exchange your tabletop for a different size while keeping the frame. Alternatively, you can choose to exchange only the frame for a different model. The exchange service not only provides you with the flexibility to adapt your furniture to your changing lifestyle but also contributes to waste reduction and minimizes our environmental impact. Contact our team for more information and join us in embracing a zero-waste furniture industry, one piece at a time.