From living space to warm home

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From living space to warm home

We can spend hours browsing interior stores for pieces of furniture, but how do we select the right pieces to turn our living space into a warm home? 

With today’s modern buildings it can be quite the challenge to create a modern living space with a warm feel. Luckily, crisp white walls and hardwood, laminate or epoxy floors are the perfect blank canvas to start building your interior. Of course, your taste will define how you style your space. However, there are a few quick ways to add character to any home.

With natural materials, like oak wood, you can balance out the colder feel that modern apartments often exude. Natural elements add a sense of comfort, turning your home into a place where you can fully unwind after a long day at work. Opt for a wooden table with chamfered edges to keep your living room light and airy, while still adding warmth. Wooden furniture can be easily paired with textures – for example, with dining chairs in different fabrics. 

A few pieces with wool fabrics – from sofas to lounge chairs – will instantly give the space a cosy feel. Choose from a palette of rich colours if you feel like your space needs additional warmth. When hardwood floors are already bringing a sense of warmth, you might opt for softer, more neutral tones like beige.

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