Enhance your everyday

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Enhance your everyday

When was the last time you simply just sat and enjoyed a moment of silence? Just you and your thoughts, no distractions. 

Our habits and rituals are the simple everyday acts that can bring moments of calm to our otherwise busy lives. Join us as we veer into the slow lane and focus on finding those pockets of peace that hide in our everyday.

How do you define your ‘everyday?’ 

For many of us at HENK, this is synonymous with the ritual of a morning coffee to kick-start the day, and maybe even indulging in a sweet cinnamon bun on the side.

Perhaps your peaceful moment is found in the time it takes your coffee to brew. The familiar routine and the earthy aroma remind you to take some deep breaths and collect your thoughts. 

Maybe it’s the daily ritual of folding away your clothes into the Dresser 22 to start the morning with an accomplishment. The same feeling you get when your bed is freshly made, or your New Classic Home Desk is neatly organised.

Your routine could be as simple as setting aside time each weekend to get lost in your favourite magazine while sitting at your Butterfly dining table. Or being greeted home by the furriest member of the family who’s patiently awaiting your return on your Base Bench.

Whichever way you enhance your everyday, we are taking some time this month to reflect on these simple rituals and to appreciate how high quality and timeless furniture can form part of your daily life. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @studiohenk to enter the slow lane with us.