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Easy tips to maintain your upholstery

Fabric furniture always needs extra love and attention. By cleaning your furniture regularly, you can make sure the pieces will stay beautiful over time. One of the most important maintenance tips is to regularly vacuum clean your furniture piece. This way you can remove dust. It also prevents pilling.

The Kvadrat upholstery is mostly made from wool, a natural material that is dirt repellent. Kvadrat advices not to impregnate the fabric, because it can affect the natural functioning of the material. “How does that work?”, you might think. In contrast with most fabrics, the outer layers of wool fibres are slightly water repellent. This means that when you spill liquids, the fabric won’t immediately absorb it. Do make sure to remove the stain quickly, to make sure that the liquid doesn’t leave any permanent stains.  

Our standard upholstery is synthetic, so we do recommend impregnating this. For more specific information on the removal of stains, we recommend contacting James, expert on fabric maintenance. On their website you can find very specific information on the removal of different kinds of stains – from red wine stains to food stains.